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Turn your Android phone into a PC with Remix Singularity

Jide Technologies, the company behind Remix OS and the Remix IO box, have announced a new version of their OS that is especially made for Android phones.

The new Remix OS for Mobile has a feature called Remix Singularity and it works in the same way as Windows Continuum. Meaning you’ll be able to connect your phone to a dock and it will make it into a desktop OS and use it with a mouse and keyboard.  You’ll also be able to plug your phone that’s running Remix OS for Mobile to your TV and there will be a TV mode for that as well.


This isn’t the first time that this sort of feature has been implemented on Android, Motorola tried to do this with their Atrix phone and it’s laptop dock but that didn’t go anywhere.

Hopefully, Jide will be able to bring their unified OS idea to the mainstream (or as many techies as possible).

Jide says that their Remix OS for Mobile should arrive this summer.

Source: Jide

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