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Google & H&M’s Ivyrevel will make a custom dress using your data

Google has teamed up with H&M’s digital fashion house, Ivyrevel for a new project they’re calling Coded Couture.

How it works, is that users will load up an app on their phone and they’ll be prompted to consent to their activity and lifestyle data be monitored by the app via Google’s Awareness API. The app is currently in development and it will use the Snapshot API which is used to monitor a person’s daily activity and lifestyle including things such as where they travelled, where they go to grab a bite to eat or their favourite hangout spot, the weather in their area and more.


All of this data is collected over a week and then a Data Dress dress is digitally tailored and can be ordered through the app.

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The idea is to help put your life and lifestyle onto a unique wearable. The actual Data Dress will mainly feature your routes and routines as lines highlighted on a map. Users will also be able to choose what kind of dress they would like.


Google says that things like material, colour, embellishment and other details are all data-driven. For example, the material that the Data Dress could be made out of, could reflect weather data such as the temperature and the dress fit can be based on the user’s activity level.

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Right now, the app is in a closed beta and being used by style influencers such as Ivyrevel co-founder, Kenza Zouiten. If you’re interested in signing up to test out the app, you can sign up here.

The custom Data Dresses will start at $99 USD and the app will have a public release later this year.

Source: Coded Couture via TechCrunch

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