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TheCanadianTechie: Four years later

It’s hard to believe that is has only been four short years since I started TheCanadianTechie. It seemed like just yesterday that it was just idea in my head and now it’s a reality.

TheCanadianTechie first started on Google’s Blogger platform: TheCanadianTechie (old site) and the blog is still up right now.

Then in April 2014, is when I moved over to the WordPress platform (which is what most websites on the web use). This is what TheCanadianTechie used to look like, not too long ago.


Then in March 2016, is when I introduced a new logo for TheCanadianTechie, which you can see below.


Then a few months later, in June 2016, I introduced TheCanadianTechie 2.0 which brought along a new site design which makes everything cleaner and easier to read.

Anyway, it’s been a great four years so far for TheCanadianTechie and I can’t way for many more years to come.



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