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Happy 30th Anniversary, Back to the Future

Great Scott! This is heavy. It’s been 30 years since the first Back to the Future was released in theatres. It seems just yesterday was 2010 and we were celebrating just the 25th anniversary of the film.

At the time of the film’s release, there was no other film quite like it. Critics, like the late Roger Ebert said that Back to the Future had similar themes that were comparable to the films of Frank Capra. Ebert also said, “[Producer] Steven Spielberg is emulating the great authentic past of Classical Hollywood cinema, who specialized in matching the right director (Robert Zemeckis) with the right project.”

Others called it the “quintessential 1980s flick that combines science fiction, action, comedy and romance all into a perfect little package that kids and adults will both devour.” That was said by film critic, Christopher Null.

When Back to the Future first released, it spent about 11 weeks at the number one spot at the box office. Bob Gale (who created and wrote Back to the Future with director, Robert Zemeckis) said, “Our second weekend was higher than our first weekend, which is indicative of great word of mouth. National Lampoon’s European Vacation came out in August and it kicked us out of number one for one week then we were back to number one.”

The film made $210.61 million in North America and $173.2 million internationally, which gave Back to the Future a worldwide total of $383.87 million. Back to the Future had the fourth-highest opening weekend of 1985 and also was the top grossing film for the year.

Back to the Future has had a significant impact movie geek and people alike. I remember when I was younger and I saw the film with my dad on VHS tapes (I wasn’t born yet when the film came out, so I couldn’t experience it the same way that my dad did, in the theatres).

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, a small reunion was held in Los Angeles. Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown), Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines-McFly aka Marty’s mom), Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker aka Marty’s girlfriend) and Donald Fullilove (Mayor Goldie Wilson) and other key members of the Back to the Future production team were in attendance for a screening of the film which was accompanied by a live performance of Alan Silvestri’s score to the movie as performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

The following quotes are from a interview with PEOPLE magazine who was at the event.

“It’s amazing after 30 years that the way it does and continues to grow,” Christopher Lloyd said at the event. “Kids who saw it when it first came out are adults with children now, and it’s cycling. It just keeps going on. It’s extraordinary, and the impact it’s had on so many people’s lives. It’s sort of stunning.”

Christopher Lloyd, who is now 76, and played the iconic, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown in the film and the inventor of the DeLorean time machine. He gave his description of playing the role of “Doc” Brown, “He was mad about adventure and invention and breaking boundaries, and he had an incredible mind to do this, I always admired and was kind of in awe of people like Einstein, that they could imagine ahead of their time, see things that somebody else has never seen. I thought, ‘Doc Brown’s that kind of guy.’ ”

Lloyd also talked about his on-screen chemistry with Marty McFly aka Michael J. Fox, “It was love at first sight, everything just happened to easily with Michael. He had a comic flair, very spontaneous, had wonderful energy. It just all came through. And the chemistry we had between each other – I felt we never had to work for it. It simply existed.”

Lea Thompson, was 24 when she was cast as Lorraine in Back to the Future, she said, “When I did my screen test in Steven Spielberg’s office, I just remember that Steven was working the camera and I was like, ‘Wow, I really made it.’ ”

“When I started to do Lorraine, it fit me perfectly, it was really easy. So I just feel really blessed that if I’m really going to be known for one thing on my headstone, that it’s this movie, and that it was such a great product,” said Thompson.

Claudia Wells was just 18 when she was cast as Marty McFly’s girlfriend, Jennifer, she said, “It was my first movie I had never done … we fit together immediately, the first time he put his arm around me – I always wanted somebody to do this – he put his hand in my back pocket of my jeans. I’d always wanted to experience that. I was like, ‘Whoa!’ ”

Donald Fullilove, who is now 57, played Goldie Wilson, who was Hill Valley’s Mayor in 1985. Fullilove said, “When Back to the Future was released, I was a homeless actor living in my car – I was just trying to get a job … here we are, 30 years later, and I’m just basking in this unexpected glory.”

Bob Gale, who co-wrote the screenplay and produced the Back to the Future films alongside Robert Zemeckis, still can’t believe the first film’s long-lasting appeal.

Gale said, “Thirty years ago, if a time traveler from 2015 came back to see Bob Zemeckis and me and say, ‘Guess what’s going to be happening 30 years from now? Back to the Future is going to be presented on a big screen, in front of the biggest audience that’s ever seen the movie in one place,’ we would have said, ‘What are you drinking, and can we have some?’ ”

So here is to the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. Hopefully it will be loved for years to come.

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. – Dr. Emmett Brown


Also enjoy some Back to the Future artwork from  different artists from all over the internet. All the rights to these images go to their respective owners and creators. 

screen-shot-2014-10-21-at-5-19-53-pm back_to_the_future_marty_mcfly_art_delorean_dmc_12_car pixel_art_back_to_the_future_by_loweak-d41ti01 back-to-the-future-iii-art-print-by-laurent-durieux7 BTTF-2-Poster-back-to-the-future-20182172-803-1063 1219648_large Gianmarco-Magnani-Back-to-the-Future-Poster delorean-time-machine-taxi-takes-you-back-to-the-future-52488_1 backto1 Back-to-the-Future-By-Phatom-City-creative w0bttf back_to_the_future_by_deimos_remus-d63sgx8 Back-for-the-Future-Brent-Rollins bruin1010 mag1010 UXLhOeC cars2_andrewkolb maxresdefault (1) 17411-2 back-to-the-future-poster-large-e1425498204820 TruffleShuffle_com_Back_to_the_Future_Future_Technologies_Flux_Capacitor_Blueprint_14_99_hi_res back_to_the_future_by_mistergoodcat-d5sfo6h delorean___back_to_the_future_by_raultrevino-d4fei5s back_to_the_future_by_charco cars___double_doc_by_danyboz-d1yyzm0 cars___cars_to_the_future_by_danyboz-d1yw9r5 cc69f276ce4910f8c387932e3bb01a02-d3g1nxp do_not_open_until_1985_by_traditionaldanimatio Print backtothefuture Back-to-the-Future-Quote-Poster-back-to-the-future-33266869-1278-826 2bf89d9bb8dabf1db832f7b87ccf20df 84b94010103b74baf715673beb88de99 cb486448b7888cfd864b3a6629484709 (1) 9b83c052ec90cda83b492f8699e8da2a 2034d966cdf4e66e9d4dbbd3f2c8f91f b5bca3e038d92910e9573cc9451d9f89 90899e40b8c67c5365f9f20bb6b91232 7bb920acd96f6316b43f378ade724a2c fac484731c95425ce2a1357d3f0ec6f6 6c3f7aafc57099dd1d810ae2fa1171df 34edabdb9363e902f9ab8e62bdc5f4ed

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