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Future Shop stores closed across Canada

On March 28th 2015, it was announced that all 131 Future Shop stores were closed and was effective immediately. This means at least 1,500 jobs have been lost. At least 66 of the 131 stores will be closed for good while the other 65 will be closed for one week to be converted into a Best Buy. This will bring the total number of Best Buy locations in Canada to 192, which is made up of 136 regular stores and 56 Best Buy Mobile stores. Continue reading:

Happy Birthday Frappuccino!


This may not be completely tech-related, but a lot of tech journalists can relate to Starbucks and besides, it’s a special birthday for both Starbucks and myself (my birthday is on March 28th)

Originally posted on Sachin Bahal:

It has been 20 years since Starbucks first launched the Frappuccino in North America.

It all started when Starbucks was experimenting with a blended, frozen coffee-flavoured beverage at one of their Los Angeles store. At the time, Starbucks only had 10 stores in southern California, back in 1993.
By the time summer came along in 1994, all of those stores were serving blended coffee beverages but it still wasn’t officially introduced. Around the same time, Starbucks acquired The Coffee Connection in Boston, they already had a product called the “frappuccino”, which was a cold, slushy drink that was made using a soft-serve machine. Starbucks then applied the “frappuccino” name to their new blended beverage.

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